Monday, October 15, 2012

The Consequence of the Violation of the Law of Life

     In addition and pursuant to more details and particulars on diet, allow me to continue making entries furthermore, as to my comprehension of the said subject, being a student and a practitioner of diet reformation.
     Diet in various significance, involves physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions in man’s life. However, in this article, I will just touch very slightly of the spiritual angle, and look forward to the succeeding entries, to dig deeper in every particular dimension, hoping to relate the past, applying it into our present lifestyle, and look forward to the future probable outcome affecting life as a whole. So that the whole picture on this subject will be successfully understood by every reader. 
     Not discounting the origin of life, when God gave the law of diet to every living creature to maintain life and to reproduce another life of its kind; to the various animals in the land, were given the herbs that grow over the land; to the fouls and other flying creatures were given seeds, legumes, fruits and flower nectars; to the fishes in the seas, both small and big, were given various kinds of sea weeds; and finally, to man were given fruits and nuts in order to maintain life even towards eternity.
     That as long as every creature is in harmony with the prescribed “Law of Life”, health was not even an issue, because every created being is in the path of perfection.  Not until, the first violator of the moral law affecting diet appeared, when Adam and Eve disregarded the protective caution of the source of life.
     The agony that resulted out of that first and turning-point transgression was unimaginably mind-blowing in its tremendous tumult, ending up God’s wonderful plan for man into a major ruin.
     Since then, when the first man and woman, Adam and Eve alienated from the source of life, by choosing to distrust God’s word, but instead, believing the serpent’s lie, (Gen.3:3-6), they were driven away from the garden paradise of beautiful fruit trees, flowers and animal friends; and allow them to live still for s short period, then died after 930 years old (Gen. 5:5).
     That stubbornness of man also brought tragic consequence to the lives of all living creatures on the earth ending their perpetual state of life into various span periods, according to its kind and size. Thus, big creature, with longer span of life, and little creature with shorter life span. Other living organisms even exist for just a number of days or hours, and then die.
     Man, then, was left in the cursed world (sin-afflicted) living in uncertainty, awaiting death to end up life’s agony. They (men) were left in their own, and still a free agent, but at their own risk, venturing into different ways and lifestyles, including their diet, however, with an explicit instruction written in conscience, and implied in the various image of every creature (Nature Bible), that boldly reflect God’s character, thus, an evidence of His being omnipresence and tender loving care to the wayward children of this world.          
      Because the main factor that maintains life is through food intake being digested to produce energy, enable to run the human machines from day-to-day, it is therefore very basic to refresh back the knowledge of the right food to feed the body to keep the body organs healthy, capable of performing its tasks in keeping the machines function, according to the Inventor’s “Basic Human Life Manual”.
     Well, to make a break, my Dear Readers, I promise myself to make presentation most concise as possible, so that you would not feel boring, and may I leave you a challenge to follow me on this subject.  Best regards!

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